Tuesday Night Tutoring (TNT)

Tuesday Nights from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at First Church of Dayton.

Tuesday Night Tutoring (TNT)‚ is a tutoring program open for children of all ages.

At TNT we share God’s love through the intentional nurturing of a child’s mind‚ body and spirit. We offer a light‚ balanced dinner followed by about an hour of study or tutoring time. After study time is sanctuary time and play time (outside if weather permits!) or other fun activity. TNT is open not just to students‚ but also to families or single parents wanting to eat and study as part of the church. Nursery care is provided for children ages 4 and under‚ to allow mom or dad time to study with their student(s).

Our church bus is available to pick up a limited number of students. However our radius is small‚ so please be in touch if your child requires a ride. The bus will run a prescheduled route so we will need to know who would like to be picked up or dropped off.

Download the Registration Form.

For more information about the program or the bus service‚ please contact us.


T.J. Burdine‚ Associate Pastor — 423-775-0262