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Tell It To Jesus

Recently I was discussing the church’s new on-line journal with a friend. We talked about the how the journal on the website was started in an attempt to glorify God while encouraging others by sharing experiences and lessons during our spiritual journey. My friend was insistent that I write a post for the blog and even asked that I share a segment from a book I co-authored with a friend several years ago.

In this time of uncertainty, the one surety is God – His love for each of us, His presence with us, and His desire for a meaningful relationship with us. Whatever this pandemic has meant in your life, I encourage you to:


Job 23:1-7

“I believe that the most important time we

ever invest is in prayer and

time alone with God in daily


It is our daily lifesaving connection to the Vine.

Job gives us a very clear and concise

look at prayer.

In our groaning we reach out to Him,

sometimes finding it very hard to see Him.

But God is ever there with His

Son on His right hand to

intercede for us.

I would state my case and say all the things that

are on my heart – my joy, my sorrow,

my sin, my rationalizations about

my obedience.

Now something else must take place.

I must wait before the Lord and allow

Him to answer me.

I must consider (think about in order to understand;

to ponder) what He says. If I’m totally

honest will God turn away from


No! He will not press charges against us.

I can go before Him with all the freedom

Of His Son.

I can pray my heart and “will be delivered

forever from my judge.”

What an honor it is to sit with the King of Kings

and Lord of Lords-

My Friend, My Redeemer,

And my Savior,

To talk over all that is in my heart.

What a privilege to give Him my

burdens and to know that He

takes them simply because

He Loves me.”


“Loved and forgiven even before I ask. Thank You, Father.”


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