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Welcome to First Church Dayton. We are a thriving community of faith seeking to share with our neighbors and the world the hope we have in Christ Jesus.  Throughout every week we have opportunities to explore the scriptures, examine our personal relationship with God, encourage one another and reach out to others.  Won’t you join us on your journey of faith?


These times are like no other in modern history.  An invisible enemy has attacked mankind. Fear and anxiety have gripped some, but hope and peace comfort others. This testimonial by Pastor Ken and Phyllis Pierce includes scripture, remembrance of other difficult times and a musical declaration of their anchor who sustains in times like these.


As we observe Holy Week, our thoughts reflect on Jesus and his sacrifice for each of us. “He was wounded for our transgressions … by His stripes, we are healed” Isaiah 53:3-7. Music by Linda Abel encourages us to meditate on the words of hymns about the cross and the crucifixion. 

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