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The Crèche

Every Christmas since the 1960s, parishioners have reflected on the spiritual truths taught by the nativity scene tenderly placed at the front of the church sanctuary.

More than fifty years ago, church members Glenda Taylor and William T. Robinson used their artistic skills and craftsmanship to build the table-top display. The 19 colorful figurines represent significant people and animals associated with the birth of the Christ child. The delicately molded and painted ceramic set was the handiwork of Mrs. Taylor. The wooded stable and its surroundings were crafted by Mr. Robinson.

The work of their hands left a legacy that has been admired and pondered by several generations. Each year the children carefully carry the figurines down the aisle and put them in place during the decoration of the sanctuary.

Throughout December, the nativity scene reminds young and old alike of the humble beginning of Emmanuel, “God with us.”

When the holiday season comes to an end, the nativity scene is boxed up and put away for another year, but the long-ago work of faithful church members is fruitful even today as the crèche reminds the congregation of the love of God who sent His son to earth. The testimony of those artists lives on.

The leadership shown by Mrs. Taylor and Mr. Robinson has also been passed down. Subsequent Taylor and Robinson generations are sitting in the pews, working on committees and participating in the church’s ministries today. Glenda’s son, Tom Taylor and William’s son W.E. Robinson, granddaughter, Kathy (Robinson) Griffin and niece, Shirley (Robinson) Alderman are regular worshippers.

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